Caribbean Whole Boat Charter

March – April 2025 & December 2025 – April 2026

St Lucia

The Caribbean has so much to offer that every charter package has to be tailor made to every client. Each island has its own feel, its own culture and a unique reason to visit - we will work with you to come up with an itinerary that suits you, your timescale, your interests and your budget.

St Lucia

Caribbean sailing is be considered to be one of the most desirable tropical cruising grounds for anyone - the mix of island lifestyle, warm weather, reliable trade winds and stunning bays and anchorages makes it a place not to be missed, its not surprising we base Skyelark there for 5 months of the year! There is so much to do.

When on charter you can do as much or as little as you wish, the skipper and crew can handle the boat if required in any situation but we welcome your input, and if you and your guests are keen and able we will let you do as much of everything as you like.


On charter we are here entirely for you, and when not out sailing we use our contacts and our knowledge to plan everything from restaurant bookings to excursions and shopping - whatever you need.

Please contact us for more details!

Key Facts:

What's included:

  • Qualified and experienced skipper and first mate/hostess.
  • Exclusive use of Skyelark 2.
  • Fully coded yacht, licensed to charter anywhere in the world.
  • Full Category A medical kit.
  • Tuition and guidance from two Ocean Yachtmasters.
  • All safety equipment.
  • Charts and pilot books.
  • Local guide books.
  • Local knowledge.
  • Bedding.
  • RIB and outboard.
  • Paddleboard.
  • BBQ.

What's not included:

  • Flights and transfers.
  • Food and drinks (however, we can work to a pre-agreed budget, plan menus and put all food onboard).
  • Mooring fees and harbour dues.
  • Customs and immigration fees and taxes.