Skyelark has placed top in class for many races and rallies, but we also offer a first-class experience to all our customers, many of whom sail with us again and again. Below are just a small selection of testimonials we have received:

This was Dan and Em's usual level of welcome and hospitality 'with bells on'...

Even the weather didn't dampen the spirits; having curtailed the sailing somewhat. Living quarters aboard the upgrade edition are very comfortable and will certainly benefit long passages. Altogether, a 'fab' trip on a beautiful boat! Thank you and hopefully see you again very soon... Sxx

Sarah Hurn, Scillies & Scotland 2021

'Thank you so much Dan and Ems for such an amazing adventure. Great sailing, delicious food, brilliant tour guide and great company. Xxx'

Michael & Debbie, Leewards 2018

'Dan and Em are superbly qualified and experienced sailors. Their boat-handling was peerless. One can sail anywhere with them in complete confidence! More than that, they go out of their way to make it an enjoyable experience for their crew members, who obviously have varied experience and interests. They were able to provide multiple choices for day activities on the Grenadine islands, and ferried us ashore and back as needed. I really appreciated their generosity and flexibility.

Dan made a special trip ashore to take me to a doctor on Bequia island for a sudden ear infection (swimmer's ear, as it turned out). From Skyelark to RIB tender to doctor to pharmacist to tender back to Skyelark in a record-breaking 30 minutes. Bravo, Dan, and many thanks.

They cooked fine food for us, buying fish at the local island markets, grilled chicken on the cockpit barbie, and even a roast lamb. Impressive from a small galley.

Many thanks to both of you!'

Tony Lunn, Princeton, NJ, USA, January 2019

'It was a true pleasure attending this year's ARC 2018 as well as meeting as kindhearted and forthcoming people as you guys. Crossing the Atlantic has always been on my bucket list and to do it with such an experienced couple to Skipper us across, has been a great learning experience for me personally, and I really want to thank you both for that.

Your beautiful yacht, Skyelark, was a true pleasure to sail, and I really hope to do more trips in the future together. You made us all feel safe and sound during the crossing. Our time in Saint Lucia, was nothing shy of joyful - you were absolutely right about the rum punch, no more than three!

Once again, thanks for the trip of my life, and hope to meet up with you along the way.'

The Viking, Soren Oster

'Dan and Em, thank you so much for a really enjoyable trip across the Atlantic. Skyelark of London is a lovely and comfortable yacht to sail aboard, a real pleasure. Great sailing experience, the crew were fantastic, food was great, weather was kind to us, we caught a few fish, what more could you want... the time went too quickly.

Cheers, until the next adventure.'

Chris, ARC 2018

'Dan and Em

As always - a very relaxing and enjoyable exploration trip. Your patient calm hosting and cuisine, together with assured competence on board allowed us to exceed our expectations - a rare and essential indulgence for the Jameson children especially - thank you.

For the likes of Nigel and I - still growing up - your flexibility and indulgence in youthful antics was appreciated.

A very entertaining trip - as only possible on the good ship Skyelark.

Till next time, thanks again.'

Richard, whole boat charter Grenadines, 2018

'Thank you Dan and Em for looking after and being so tolerant with us all. I had a fantastic holiday, would love to do it again in the near future.'

Charlotte, whole boat charter Grenadines, 2018

'Dear Dan and Em

Just a brief and BIG THANK YOU for our amazing and memorable time we had with you on Skyelark and all your hard work and care to make it so. It is always exceptional and this year was no different. I sense that we all 'gelled' well together it was both a relaxing and stimulating adventure. The excellent physical activities that we did together were particularly enjoyable.

I believe that I can speak on behalf of the excellent crew!

Best wishes!'

The 'A' Team, whole boat charter Grenadines, 2018

'I'm slowly processing and storing all the wonderful memories of the time spent with you both, and Ome and Richard on Skyelark. Can't thank you enough for being such fantastic hosts, skippers, owners, tour guides, cooks and all the other many roles that you fill...it was absolutely wonderful, and Ome and I now have another memory to share till life ends, it was very special for me to be able to spend that time and detail with him which I haven't had since he left home...so thank you thank you thank you!!'

Susan, WARC Brazil to Grenada, 2018

'Dear Dan, Charles and I had a great trip with you and Em together with Susan, Richard and Omer. Very many thanks for all you did for us and I was always very confident we were in safe hands on such a beautiful boat. We certainly went to some interesting places none of which we would have ever seen if not for Skyelark. I would also not have swum across the equator without your encouragement and to have missed that opportunity would have been a shame.

I do hope your travels continue safely and with lots of fun.

Warmest regards to you and Em'

Kate, WARC Brazil to Grenada, 2018

'Hi Dan & Em

Thank you so much for providing a nice blend of sailing, exploring and feasting!

A great adventure!'

Tony, Grenadines charter, 2018

'A belated thank you for yet another a fantastic sailing adventure. Every year we think that it cannot get any better.....but it does!! A brilliant crew as well. Are you sure that you cannot fit another one in before venturing to the Pacific next year?'

Nigel, whole boat charter Grenadines, February 2016

'In our assessment the trip with Em and Dan and shipmates aboard Skyelark was one of our best holidays ever. A safe, comfortable yacht, a highly competent and companionable crew and an exciting itinerary island hopping along the sunny windward islands from St Lucia to Union Island was everything we hoped for.

We would confidently sail anywhere with Em and Dan in Skyelark. A tight team, they make the difficult things look simple and are super easy going which made us relax. They're considerate of all their clients' needs and wishes and ensured we all had a great time.'

Sharon - Caribbean cruise 2016

'Sailing with Dan & Em on the ARC 2015 was a great experience. Skyelark is simply the best ocean cruiser you could imagine, strong yet light to handle, amazingly well equipped and beautifully finished above and below. Dan & Em a great at engaging and motivating the team (crew) and ensure that everyone gets the experience they hoped for. I can't recommend them enough.'

Dave - ARC 2015

'I'm ensconced in Spinnakers Beach Bar happy hour sundowners reflecting on ARC 2015 and can honestly say it was a blast and much enjoyed. Blessed as we were by good company, fair winds, plenty of fish and no squalls the credit should go to Skyelark for getting us there and Dan & Em for their excellent skipperdom!

Ps. Dan, your ceviche knows no equal!'

Bex - ARC 2015

'I leave Skyelark tomorrow after 5 months on board and several thousand miles of ocean beneath (although I'm returning at the end of July to sail onwards to Vanuatu and Australia). Being part of the World Arc has given me the chance to see and visit bigger, newer yachts, perhaps with more shiny "mod cons" and push button everything. But Skyelark combines an amazing sailing history, real character and solid endurance. Dan and Em provide a masterclass of professionalism, patience and great humour which in turn means a happy vibrant mix of crew. I wouldn't have done this trip on any other boat and I couldn't have done it without them.'

Sarah - WARC 2014, Panama-Australia

'Thank you so much for taking the initiative and organising the Skyelark Pacific Odyssey - thereby enabling me, and others, to have the unique experience of sailing the South Pacific Islands. All superb, but Suwarrow was the most truly extraordinary and special anchorage.'

Gerard - WARC 2014, Tahiti-Tonga

'Knowledge and experience is priceless. When you charter Skyelark on an ocean crossing, Dan and Emily bring vast amounts of experience with them on the yacht and it all makes the journey exceptionally pleasant from a sailing, socialising and catering perspective.

We cannot recommend this experience enough and if you want to do it in style, do it on Skyelark.'

Loftus & Melindie - passage sail, Southampton-Las Palmas & ARC 2013

'A really big thank you for such a memorable crossing. I gained so much from the experience as well as making new friends. I shall treasure the memories.'

Kit Harling - ARC 2013

'What a great experience! We went South until the butter had well and truly melted and then turned due West. Sunshine, swimming mid-Atlantic, dolphins, whales, shooting stars, and a stress free 20 day crossing of the pond! A credit to the planning and skill of our skipper Em and first mate Dan. I signed up to gain experience prior to making the trip in my own yacht Samatom an XC45. I definitely choose the right boat and skipper to make my first crossing and greatly enjoyed the company of my fellow crew members.'

Bob Rendell - ARC 2013

'So many thanks for your endless kindness, hospitality and delicious food. Learnt so much about sailing and life on the high seas.'

Julie - BVI whole boat charter 2012

'Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality - you couldn't have done any more to make our stay enjoyable - your calmness at sea, wonderful cooking and general friendliness could not have been better. Hope to sail with you again'

Bimmy - BVI whole boat charter 2012

'Thank you for a safe, calm sailing holiday. The food was delicious and you make a great team! Thanks again!'

Allison - BVI whole boat charter 2012

'We just want to say thank you for an absolutely fantastic 10 days, or in fact 11 as it turned out. It was a shame that we could not get the flights rearranged as it would have been great to sail with you to Antigua, but regardless of that we both had a truly fantastic time on board.

Apart from the joy of the boat and the Caribbean itself, the attention that the pair of you showed us and the efforts you took to ensure that we had a good time was second to none.

We are absolutely certain to recommend you to anyone considering a Caribbean charter as it is impossible to imagine anyone offering the same level of enjoyment and care that you showed.'

Jon and Bobbie - Leeward Island Cruise April 2012

'For fear of repeating myself, may I just thank you both for such a fantastic sailing holiday with you on Skyelark. I have always wanted to sail the BVI's & the trip with you & everyone on board made it a great holiday for me.'

Keith - BVI individuals cruise 2012

'Thank you once again for a great time on Skyelark. I am usually nervous about repeating things as they often do not live up to ones memories but they are all adding up to make a whole and a brilliant whole that is too!'

Nigel - Grenadines whole boat 2012

'Thanks to you and Em for what was unquestionably the best holiday I have ever had. I felt less like a guest and more like a friend you were introducing to your favourite places in the Caribbean.

I loved the mixture of sailing, hiking, exploring off the beaten path and relaxing. Your knowledge of the islands and their hidden treasures was terrific. The dinghy rides to shore and to the special snorkeling spots were great fun. Best of all, the sunset evenings relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying the super meals and canapes presented by you and your caring crew.

I can't wait to come back. Thank you again.'

Sarah - Leeward Islands cruise February 2012

'It's raining here, I knew it was a mistake to catch that plane back. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the last two weeks, better than I could have imagined - that lobster on Christmas Day at Tobago Cays was simply the best one ever. Glorious sun filled days in exotic locations, can't beat it. Truly life enhancing. Best Wishes and Happy New Year in Rodney Bay'

Roger & Alex - Christmas & New Year 2011

'The ARC has been a true adventure for all of us and each will take away unique and lasting memories, having achieved something really special. Of course none of this would have been possible without Skyelark and Dan and Will, whose skill and patience guided us through squalls, sail changes and the mysteries of navigation and safe seamanship. Quite an achievement in itself. A heart-felt thank you from us all.'

Whole boat ARC charter 2011

'Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for hosting and skippering us on the race at the weekend.

Dad really enjoyed the day. Mum is complaining that he has not stopped going on about how great the weekend was and Dad has commented that the whole experience made him feel younger. I haven't seen him smiling so much for ages.

I too had a fabulous time. Skyelark is a superb boat and the way you managed all of us was terrific.'

Vicky - Round the Island Race 2011

'Once again, thank you for an amazing trip! You are a great skipper and made me feel very safe in testing conditions! The rest of the folk were great company too.'

Sue - Round the Island Race 2011

'Just a quick note to say thanks for the RTIR Charter. It was the most fantastic experience. The Crew were great company and the trip fulfilled and exceeded all of my expectations.

Skyelark was the perfect choice in such choppy conditions as she rounded the needles! I can't imagine how ill I would have been in one of those smaller boats.

Dan you are a great Host and Skipper and to navigate clear passage amongst all the other competitors was truly impressive.

So thank you very much, highly recommended!'

Rob - Round the Island Race 2011

'Dan and Em, I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had on the boat. This was the best vacation ever. Can't wait to see you next year.'

Sam - Leeward & Grenadines Cruises 2009, 2010, 2011

'Thank you for a really special and very memorable time on Skyelark. Our two weeks with you had all the elements that made it a magical experience. I felt very safe in your hands and really enjoyed the adventure and your company.'

Nigel - whole boat Caribbean holiday 2010 & 2011

'A brief note to say a BIG thank you for a fantastic and very memorable time with you on Skyelark. It was a truly wonderful holiday which had all the ingredients of adventure, fun, great company, good food, good music, lots of exercise, excellent sailing, lots of sunshine, ice-cream and beautiful environments. We packed a lot in and thanks to your thoughtfulness grabbed every opportunity.'

Nigel, Richard & Laurie - whole boat Grenadines 2011

'Thank you again Dan and Em for such an incredible adventure!! And congratulations to you both on perfect strategy planning.'

Jill - ARC 2008

'Dan, Em and Skyelark, thank you so much for giving us such a great time out there on the ocean, so many wonderful memories and stories to tell.'

Sarah - ARC 2008

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