ARC Europe 2023 Rally

4th May – 18th June 2023

ARC Europe Map

With Skyelark heading towards Spain and Portugal for the summer of 2023, this gives us more time than usual to spend on our Eastbound Transatlantic. We have decided to join the ARC Europe rally, which allows time to take in the sights of Bermuda and to visit four islands in the Azores, before finishing on the northwest coast of Spain. Being part of the event means friendly competition, parties and organised tours as well as meeting other likeminded people. Two legs are available or for the adventurous, join us for both!

ARC Europe Map
Leg 1: 4th–28th May 2023 (2700nm)

St Maarten, Bermuda, Horta (Azores)


We will leave St Maarten on the 6th May with a group of around 25 other yachts, heading for Bermuda. This 860nm passage should take around 5 days, leaving around a week to explore Bermuda. From here it is an 1800nm passage on to Horta in the Azores, which should take around 10 days. Sailing westbound across the Atlantic is known to be more of a challenge than sailing to the Caribbean, so this is a real adventure with the possibility of a whole mix of weather conditions and a real bucket list item for the more adventurous sailor.

Once we make landfall in Horta, there will be a few days to explore and recuperate before we start leg 2.

Leg 2: 3rd–17th June 2023 (1050nm)

Azores Cruise (Faial, Terceira, Sao Miguel, Santa Maria), Vigo (Spain)

Capelinhos Volcano, Faial

Leg 2 is focused on exploring four islands in the Azores archipelago – Faial, Terceira, Sao Miguel and Santa Maria. These gorgeous and underrated islands offer everything from the amazing food and wine, stunning scenery and varied activities - wild meadow walks, climbing Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal, or wandering the UNESCO streets of Angra do Heroísmo in Terceira.

Capelinhos Volcano, Faial
Lagos, Portugal

Following on we have a 4-5 day passage sail to Vigo, Northern Spain. This is warm weather passage sailing and a great introduction to blue water sailing.

As part of the rally, there will be events and tours organised before leaving the Caribbean and whilst in Bermuda and the Azores.

Lagos, Portugal
Booking Details
ARC Europe Rally, Leg 1
4th–28th May 2023
(25 days)
Sold Out

From £5,000 per person, plus crew fees.

ARC Europe Rally, Leg 2
3rd–17th June 2023
(15 days)
Sold Out

From £3,300 per person, plus crew fees.

ARC Europe Rally, Legs 1 & 2
4th May–17th June 2023
(45 days)
Sold Out

From £8,300 per person, plus crew fees.

World Cruising Club crew fees: £TBC per person per leg. As part of the crew fee World Cruising Club organises social events, arrival parties and awards ceremonies, as well as tours ashore in the Azores.

Key Facts:

What's included:

  • Qualified and experienced skipper and first mate.
  • Fully coded yacht, licensed to charter anywhere in the world.
  • Full Category A medical kit.
  • All onboard expenses.
  • Onboard food and drinks.
  • Tuition and guidance from two Ocean Yachtmasters.
  • All safety equipment.
  • Fuel.

What's not included:

  • Flights and transfers.
  • WCC crew fees.
  • Meals ashore (except those included with the crew fee).
  • Wet weather gear.