The ARC 2025 – The Atlantic Rally

Sunset on the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Join Skyelark 2 for the 2025 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. This is an amazing adventure involving sailing across the Atlantic with around 250 other yachts. We depart from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on the 23rd November 2025, and arrive 15-17 days later in St Lucia, Caribbean. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Sunset on the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

This event is the highlight of Skyelark's program of events and this year promises to be another unforgettable experience. Our previous yacht Skyelark of London regularly did well in her class and often picked up a prize or two, despite the fact that we put more emphasis on a safe, comfortable crossing, having a great time, and amazing food, rather than racing. Several cabin options are available.

On board you will be involved with all aspects of sailing the boat, sitting watches, changing sails, cooking, baking bread and fishing off the back of the boat, with the hope of catching supper. There may even be the opportunity for a quick swim mid-Atlantic if the winds are light!

Fish caught on the ARC rally
Fish caught on the ARC rally

You can read daily logs of the adventures and experiences on our 2021 ARC blog and 2019 ARC blog. Skyelark of London was an ARC veteran with 9 previous events under her keel. Now on our new yacht Skyelark 2, we will continue to offer an amazing experience, in superb comfort and luxury. Owner skippered, professionally maintained and coded for unrestricted use, we are almost certainly the most qualified, experienced and licensed boat on the circuit.

Skyelark 2 is currently available for small groups and individuals, or for whole-boat charter!

Package includes:

  • Great food!
  • All safety equipment including personal AIS.
  • Entry passes to the parties and seminars.
  • Team polo shirt.
Booking Details
ARC 2025
20th November–10th December 2025
(21 days)
Spaces Available

From £TBD per person, enquire for whole-boat charter.

Cabins Available:

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ARC Testimonials:

'Knowledge and experience is priceless. When you charter Skyelark on an ocean crossing, Dan and Emily bring vast amounts of experience with them on the yacht and it all makes the journey exceptionally pleasant from a sailing, socialising and catering perspective.

We cannot recommend this experience enough and if you want to do it in style, do it on Skyelark.'

Loftus & Melindie - passage sail, Southampton-Las Palmas & ARC 2013

'What a great experience! We went South until the butter had well and truly melted and then turned due West. Sunshine, swimming mid-Atlantic, dolphins, whales, shooting stars, and a stress free 20 day crossing of the pond! A credit to the planning and skill of our skipper Em and first mate Dan. I signed up to gain experience prior to making the trip in my own yacht Samatom an XC45. I definitely choose the right boat and skipper to make my first crossing and greatly enjoyed the company of my fellow crew members.'

Bob Rendell - ARC 2013

'Sailing with Dan & Em on the ARC 2015 was a great experience. Skyelark is simply the best ocean cruiser you could imagine, strong yet light to handle, amazingly well equipped and beautifully finished above and below. Dan & Em a great at engaging and motivating the team (crew) and ensure that everyone gets the experience they hoped for. I can't recommend them enough.'

Dave - ARC 2015

'It was a true pleasure attending this year´s ARC 2018 as well as meeting as kindhearted and forthcoming people as you guys. Crossing the Atlantic has always been on my bucket list and to do it with such an experienced couple to Skipper us across, has been a great learning experience for me personally, and I really want to thank you both for that.

Your beautiful yacht, Skyelark, was a true pleasure to sail, and I really hope to do more trips in the future together. You made us all feel safe and sound during the crossing. Our time in Saint Lucia, was nothing shy of joyful - you were absolutely right about the rum punch, no more than three!

Once again, thanks for the trip of my life, and hope to meet up with you along the way.'

The Viking, Soren Oster

'Dan and Em, thank you so much for a really enjoyable trip across the Atlantic. Skyelark of London is a lovely and comfortable yacht to sail aboard, a real pleasure. Great sailing experience, the crew were fantastic, food was great, weather was kind to us, we caught a few fish, what more could you want.... the time went too quickly.

Cheers, until the next adventure.'

Chris, ARC 2018