World ARC 2024-25, Leg 8

Lombok, Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling, Mauritius
20th September – 22nd October 2024, 3,500nm

This is the Indian Ocean Leg. 3500 miles of fast broad reach sailing, with big seas and breeze - whilst it's not the Southern Ocean, there isn't any land to the south until Antarctica! It has a different feel to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and we are likely to encounter more challenging conditions - good for kudos points but easily taken in our stride on Skyelark 2!

We depart from Lombok on the 22nd September on a 620 mile passage across to Christmas Island, the Jewel of the Indian Ocean. Christmas Island is a territory of Australia and is a wonderful place to enjoy nature at its best. Sometimes referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, there are many unusual birds and endemic species of wildlife here whilst the beautiful coral reefs are home to an abundance and diversity of tropical fish. The island is also famous for its large population of red land crabs, their annual migration has been described by ecologists as one of the wonders of the natural world.

Sailing on to Cocos Keeling, we will head for Port Refuge on Direction Island. This is a wonderful tranquil bay on an uninhabited island. From there, there is the chance to visit Home Island where around 500 Malay people live. Here you can sample the local spicy cuisine and snorkel or dive in the crystal clear waters. World ARC may also organise some fleet events such as a beach barbeque.

From here it's a passage of 2,530 nautical miles across to Mauritius which should take around 14 days.

Read about our previous experiences on this leg on our 2017 blog.

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World ARC 2024-25, Leg 8
20th September–22nd October 2024
(33 days)
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What's included:

  • Qualified and experienced skipper and first mate.
  • Fully coded yacht, licensed to charter anywhere in the world.
  • Full Category A medical kit.
  • Entry cost to the World ARC.
  • Organised tours, parties and events by WCC.
  • All onboard expenses.
  • Onboard food and drinks.
  • Satellite tracking, blogs and photos sent whilst at sea.
  • Tuition and guidance from two Ocean Yachtmasters.
  • Use of sextant and navigation tables.
  • All safety equipment.
  • Fuel.

What's not included:

  • Flights and transfers.
  • Meals ashore.
  • WCC crew fees (£450 per leg).
  • Personal visas (if required).
  • Personal insurance.